Many of the students can answer this questions with a "yes". A student's life is all about learning and when and/or how they decide to study. One of the common ways of studying is through homeworks and assignments. Which brings us to our topic, organization. Managing time is one of the struggles. Having time for all classes and life outside the school is hard, due to the fact that students might have no idea on how to handle both schedules; causing one to stress out and sometimes just quit. Teachers have provided us with apps like remind, google classroom, school planner and pupilpath to keep track of our duties; school duties that is. But this is not enough because students can't actually manage their time with this apps provided. And let's be real most of the students won't even try, just to avoid stress that they many times experience and got tired of. We have a solution for you.

Getting help and starting your work right away, is one way to organize yourself or at least release stress. But the projects and assignments we need to do all at once is not up to students. Teachers need to coordinate themselves and create a master calendar so that not all leave assignments at ones. Another way for students to organize themselves is to have a space in their room of small basket/box to put all missing assignments like the picture below:

My partner and i have experience this troubles, so we can relate which is why we decided that to solve this problem we need to create a website that will help, not only students but help everyone organize their activities of the day. This app will allow people to list their activities and give them a due date or time, the app will read the info provided and send you reminders of the activity in case you forget. We know that many notifications can be annoying so we were to allowed you to let the app know when should it send you reminders. For example when you have an assignment due a month from now you can choose to tell the app to remind you about this assignment a week or two before its due. Another feature of this app would be to let the person using it give detail about the assignment in case they forget.



According to huffpost stress can motivate you to stay focus and alert. But to much stress can lead to high blood pressure and anxiety disorders. "Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people ages 15-24 years old. A University of Oregon study in 2011 showed that the number of teen suicides spike when school is in session."One suggestion to avoid this problems caused by stress is for teachers to communicate on a master calendar where they can coordinate when they leave assignments.


According to CNN excessive amoung of homework is linked to high stress levels, physical health problems and lack of balance in children's lives."We found a clear connection between the students' stress and physical impacts -- migraines, ulcers and other stomach problems, sleep deprivation and exhaustion, and weight loss,...Pope found in her work with Challenge Success, a Stanford collaboration formed in response to increasing emotional and mental health issues in American students, that homework kept coming up as a tension point.". This research demonstrates that excessive amount of homeworks doesn't only result in high stress level but other emotional, mental, and physical impacts.